How to solve error while converting from QuickBooks into QuickBooks Online?

The conversion procedure for QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop is instant & simple. Nevertheless, there are many general errors that may occur during & after the changeover process. Below given a list of general errors, with the solution for each of them.

When the user tries to convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. That time, the user has to encounter some converting error. Then, the user needs to delete all the workers already listed in QBO. Generally,  It happens when QBO detects the activated payroll features. Which is includes with the Direct Deposit Enrollment, E-Service Enrollment, Billing Hold, (the US only)? But this question comes in the user’s mind how they can fix this error. If you are one of them and you are also, seeking the resolution to fix this error, then go ahead.


How to fix converting error?

This solution only for windows users

When you have turned off the payroll in the desktop file, but the payroll is turned on in the QBO subscription. For turning on the Payroll for the QB desktop, click on the edit option, also, you need to choose the preferences & again click on the payroll and workers. Choose the company preference, then select the full payroll. (you may encounter the converting error when there is not the payroll information of workers and paychecks).



This solution only for Mac users (the US only)

As you know QuickBooks Payroll facilities are not available for the QBD for Mac. if you are not able to import the Mac data file in the QBO company that has subsisting workers payroll information. When you use the Intuit online payroll for exporting the transaction in your file, then you may disconnect from QBD for Mac. After that, you can easily export the transaction in QBO. (When you have a special offer for the payroll, then before generating a new account you should contact from the payroll support because there are more chances to remove the special discount offer with incomplete info).


  • When you have already activated the Payroll features and imported/generated QB payroll earlier, then you have to perform some more steps.


# First of all, make a new QBO account & import the desktop data into your new account.


  • If you are not willing to create a new account & have not activated E-Services (which are exclusively available for windows & QB desktop):

# Click on the edit option, and choose the preference & go into the payroll and workers.

# Then choose the company preferences tab, again complete Payroll.

# After that, you need to create dummy and test workers. ( After importing you can delete them)

# Then pay the dummy workers with the Paycheck.

# Again try to importing in QBO.



Error- We can not export the data. It can be on the network drive.

This error happens when you are trying to export the QB desktop data file during the multi-user mode and the .qbw data file in the network drive.


How to fix this error?

# Open your file with the QB desktop and press the F2 and Ctrl + 1 key on your keyboard. Then in the file info section, you need to check the location of your company data file.

# After that, you have to close the QBD, and copy the .QBW file in the local drive.

# Also, you need to assure that QB installed in your system you are working on. It may be your existing version and a free trial.

# Then, you need to click on the company file to open it.

# Now, go into the file menu, and choose the switch into the single-user mode section.

# For retrying export, click on the file menu option & choose the utilities, and also, select the copy company file for QBO.

If you need help, then feel free to make a connection with the support team through the QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number. The Advisors team is 24×7 ready to grow your knowledge in QuickBooks.