Knives Made for Fish slaughtering, Sashimi and Sushi slicing Tasks

For fish slaughtering, sashimi or sushi slicing, a correct knife matters a lot. Seafood cutting job needs a high amount of precision, perfection. So, here we will tell you which Damascus Knives you should use for performing these fish slaughtering and sashimi or sushi slicing jobs. Here you go then:

Fish Slaughtering Knives

Below is the complete list of knives which are only made for this fish slaughtering job:

Western Deba Knife:

This knife is also called as Yo-Deba. It is the Western-style version knife which actually belongs to the traditional ancient Japanese deba version. The edge is this knife is generally and primarily double-edged. It is of heavier weight and comprises of more durable and longlasting edge. This knife is designed so that harder cutting jobs can be completed. That is for cutting a fish or chicken, for cutting lobsters and shrimps, this Western Deba knife is used.

Deba Knife

The Deba knife is mainly designed so that you can cut fish seamlessly and lightly minced it as well. You can use the back side of its blade to chop extremely thin bones. The blade of this knife is intensely heavier and thicker and offers amazing durable edge properties. For filleting tasks, this is a suitable knife. Note that its history actually goes back to the time of Edo era in Japan.

Ai-Deba Knife

This Ai-Deba knife is slightly and comparatively narrower and thinner when contrasted and compared with a traditional deba. This Ai-Deba is a heavy knife and it is made and designed to fillet whole fish. Furthermore, you can even butcher a whole fish by using this knife. Do you know that “Mioroshi”Deba knife is narrower than that of Ai-Deba, it is true!

Fillet knife:

This fillet knife is a multi-purpose knife, it works in the way like that of a Japanese traditional one filleting knife. Its profile is somewhat similar to that of a Deba. On the other hand, it is thicker compared to Deba and meets all of your multi-purpose cutting needs instantly. Lastly, this is a lightweight knife which you can use even on smaller fish.

Sashimi and Sushi slicing knives

Below we have penned down the knives types for you which are utilized to perform sushi slicing and sashimi slicing jobs, have a look at them:

Sashimi Knife:

If you want to cut and fillet a fish or if you want to ham along with a pull stroke then a Sashimi knife is used. It has a slim blade which is present in the shape of a Katana sword or willow leaf. As this knife is made for slicing tasks, that is why it has a narrower and long blade. So, for preparing fresh and to make beautiful shapes and styles of raw fish, this is a great knife.

Takohiki Sashimi Knife

This is a longer blade and square shape knife. It is used only making sashimi and you cannot use it for slicing “Tako” Octopus. The edge line of this knife is almost in a straight shape. It is in  Eastern Japan which is around Tokyo that this knife is extremely popular.

Fuguhiki Sashimi Knife

This is a Sashimi knife which is utilized for a specific purpose. It was originally and initially designed for jobs which include cutting and slicing Blowfish Sashimi. Its blade shape is narrower and thinner and uses for thinner cutting slicing tasks. All higher-level professional chefs massively use this knife type.

“Sushi Kiri” Knife

This is the knife which is availed in slicing Sushi. To slice a roll sushi and also Hako Sushi, this one knife should be selected. It is in Western Japan which is around Osaka and Kyoto that this knife version is excessively popular.

More details are coming up so stay tuned.